Bench Scraper – Why You Need to Have One in Your Kitchen!

Bench Scraper – Why You Need to Have One in Your Kitchen!

More often than not, the humble bench scraper isn’t given the due it owes. But it does end up playing a significant role in the kitchen, yet it appears to be grossly underrated. The scraper is one of those tools that can be used for a wide number of purposes. You can use the scraper to cut, chop, transport, and measure, other than shaping dough on your countertop. 
Despite the tool being versatile, there are many who don’t consider bench scrapers as something that is worth buying. Maybe they are not familiar with the functionality of a bench scraper/dough cutter. So, in this blog, we present a few vital pieces of information on why bench scrapers should be a part of the kitchen in every household. 

  • Helps to Scrap the Surface: True to its name, the scraper can be used to scrap dough or any other kind of dry and wet stuff from the counter. Apart from making the surface easier to wipe, you can use the scraper to lift chopped ingredients from the cutting board. 
  • Scraper as a Cutting Tool: While the bench scrapper is often used to cut dough, it can also be used for chopping frozen butter and pastries. You can also use the scraper to cut brownies, cakes, and other similar baked products. 
  • Measuring Tool: If you are keen to buy a bench scrapper, make sure to get the semi-circular stainless steel bench scraper from Tibbs’ Closet. A must-have tool for any baker, the function of the ruler is to ensure that the dough you are preparing is of the right length and thickness
  • Scrapper as Spatula: A bench scraper is a versatile tool, and you can use it to transfer cookies or lift a cake layer, as well as scoop flour from wax paper into a mixing bowl. 

A bench scraper/dough cutter is a must-have tool for any baker’s kitchen. From moving and lifting ingredients to cutting dough, it surely turns out to be an excellent addition to any kitchen. Along with the scraper, you can also buy the Stainless double boiler, which you can use for melting butter, chocolate, and heating milk. 



Whether your intention is to buy a bench scrapper or double boiler, make sure to get these items from a reputable and trusted source. Perhaps, this is why you can always have faith in the products offered by us at Tibb's Closet. We never compromise on quality, and our products are crafted with care and passion. 


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